In 2015 German Nieves had a striking revelation when it came to the fashion industry.  He took it upon himself to create a brand that serves as an homage to a lifestyle that is filled with a certain joie de vivre.  For Nieves, the transition from sharpening his fashion industry prowess for major streetwear and menswear brands was a challenge he willing accepted. In the acceptance of this creative challenge, Nieves conceived the Paterson brand, which serves a nod to the heritage of the city that shaped his creative outlook on the world.  Early on, Nieves discovered a deep interest in the fashion design industry while working in retail in his teens.  

It was this cross-cultural business experience, coupled with his admiration for sneakers and overall street style that compelled him forward in the industry for years to come.  The 80s gave birth to many innovations in both music and fashion with hip hop culture’s tsunami-like presence crashing solidly on the eroding shores of American culture.  Like many other wide-eyed, inner-city youth of that era, Nieves was fastidiously absorbing the maelstrom of street styles that saturated the streets of Paterson, NJ.  Paterson is a brand that represents functional designs infused with an air of sport that communicate a lifestyle robust with adventure.  Nieves made a name for himself as a skater and his roots in the sport can be felt within the DNA of the brand. The collections are cohesive even when the references or influences seem so disparate in nature.  It is this boundless approach to creating that is fed from his years in the skate industry.  His dedication to storytelling  and cohesion are what propel the designs forward.  

Inspirations for any given collection are drawn from a wide array of subject matter – from tennis icon Andre Agassi’s effortless style both on and off the court to the continental cool of Steve McQueen.  Currently the brand has seen notable success.  The demand has been consistent due to Nieves’ vision of keeping his collections succinct and carefully choosing the retailers that help tell the story of Paterson.

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